About us


Kalypso Media is a global independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Headquartered in Germany, Kalypso Media was founded by industry veterans and media entrepreneurs Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek.

Kalypso is globally known as one of the leading publishers of strategy and simulation games for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. Its titles, such as the bestselling ‘Tropico’ series, are available throughout the world via the company’s vast and expanded digital and traditional boxed distribution networks.

Today, Kalypso Media employs more than 100 motivated and talented employees at seven publishing and development facilities across Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

As well as developing and marketing its own games, Kalypso Media also works with experienced, independent development studios throughout the world to deliver their products to the global audience both digitally and through boxed retail.

Independent developers are given the opportunity to benefit from Kalypso’s vast knowledge in marketing and distribution by publishing high quality interactive entertainment software via Kasedo Games, Kalypso’s ‘Digital First’ division aimed at the mid-price range market.

By mid-2014, a constantly growing community of more than one million registered strategy game enthusiasts will have the opportunity to play Kalypso’s products on their smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS)

All employees and executives of the Kalypso Media Group work hard every day to guarantee a great entertainment experience and a lot of fun, because:

‘Games lubricate the mind’. (Benjamin Franklin, 18th century)

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