You Call That a Train, THIS is a Train: Railway Empire 'Down Under' DLC Out Now

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios today launched the next DLC for Railway Empire, 'Down Under'. In the series' second visit to the Southern Hemisphere, Down Under DLC moves the beloved rail tycoon sim to the sun-scorched plains of the Australian outback.

The DLC adds four additional territories: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and allows players to discover 52 new cities, customize settlements, and trade goods customary to the continent, such as beer and grilled seafood.

Check out the Kalypso Store and feature list below for a full run-down.

Watch the new Trailer on YouTube:

Title: Railway Empire Down Under DLC
Platforms: Windows PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Genre: Rail Tycoon Sim
Release Date: Out Now (Windows PC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One)
Hashtag: #RailwayEmpire #DownUnderDLC

About the 'Down Under DlC'
During the first half of the 19th Century, the colonial territories of Australia are sparsely populated and consist primarily of coastal cities and a few smaller farming settlements in the remote outback. However, a series of events is set to spark an industrial revolution, one that will usher in an era of change for Australia and secure a lucrative future for the fledgling nation. In Railway Empire Down Under DLC, it is up to you to tame the unforgiving outback and expand your railway network across its wild terrain and beyond. Your railway will ultimately be the key to laying the foundations for flourishing cities and to connecting remote mining settlements to coastal metropolises. Are you ready to face the sun-scorched landscape of Australia’s Red Centre?


  • New scenario: ‘Pioneering Spirit’ (1830-1930)
  • Map expansion: ‘Down Under’ (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)
  • Explore new territories: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria
  • 3 new historical engines: Heisler (0-8-0). C30 (4-6-0) and Class S (4-6-2)
  • New goods to trade: seafood, Rail-O-Mite and canned beer)
  • 52 new cities to discover
  • New music, reworked city buildings and unique mission structures (e.g. Sydney Harbour Bridge)
  • Unique ‘Settlement’ feature for pre-determined locations
  • More freedom to establish new cities and personalise economic systems

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