Tropico 6 update (v.12) 'Órdenes de emergencia'

Tropico 6 update (v.12) 'Órdenes de emergencia'


A new update for Tropico 6 is now available for PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One and PS4.

In this update, players will receive TWO new island paradises to govern and monitor. The game has also received various improvements and new additions, including a new edict and the ability for the player to prioritise the construction of routes with the new Emergency Jobs system. 

Viva la Tropico!

El Presidente


-          Added 2 new sandbox maps in Singleplayer

  • Dos Viejos Amigos (Two Old Friends)
  • Lirio Dorado (Golden Lily)


-          New edict: Tropico Papers
Tropican citizens at the ‘Filthy Rich’ wealth level no longer need to pay rent. Instead, every month, 15% of what they would have paid is rerouted to the player’s personal Swiss bank account. The personal experience of Tropicans living within range of any media buildings operating on the ‘Open mind’ or ‘Telenovela’ work mode will decrease by 10%.

-          Teamster emergency jobs
Would you like a job done immediately?
The new Emergency Job ability allows players to set a teamster a priority route with which to complete a job - handy for heist setbacks, delivery quests, and factory support.


-          If changes are made in the Options menu and the player tries to exit before saving, a warning will now be displayed


Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where content unlocked by Achievements would no longer be available if the respective profile had been deleted

- Fixed a bug where Ancient Ruins displayed the Road Connection requirement – something only applicable to the mission ‘Tropicoland’

- Fixed an issue where tourists and Tropicans would float around Transport Ships

- Fixed the source of several crashes

- Fixed a couple of localisation issues

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