The date is set! Tropico 6 console release announced

Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and developers Limbic Entertainment have today announced that the console version of Tropico 6 will release worldwide on 27th September 2019 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
The Xbox One version is available now in Game Preview, and has just received a major update, which introduces the random map generator alongside a batch of bug fixes. The full changelog can be found on the Kalypso forum.

Screenshot: Random Map Generator Xbox One Game Preview

Tropico 6 is a strategic city builder and dictator simulator where players assume the role of El Presidente on the fictional banana republic of Tropico. With a dynamic and lively population of individually-simulated Tropicans, balance city building, infrastructure, politics, tourism and economics on your island paradise and rule Tropico as a peace-loving statesman or fearmongering dictator, and everything in-between.

Title: Tropico 6
Platform(s): PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Linux, Mac
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Genre: City builder / dictator simulator
Release: 27th September 2019 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), Out Now (PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One Game Preview)
Hashtag(s): #Tropico6

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