Spacebase Startopia Beta - Update 0.22.1

[VAL initialized…]
[access granted…]
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Thank you, dear test subjects, for your continued commitment.
Today, I am pleased to announce that the R.F.S. board has, aside from drastically raising their salaries, ordered a mostly functional Fuzzy to work on further improvements to the beta of Spacebase Startopia. These changes are as follows:


New features

  • Expanded tech level in Skirmish mode
  • Added Hem'Netjer. This alien species instils the need for spirituality in other aliens and can be hired for that purpose. They also build big shiny temples!
  • Plant-lovers rejoice as Dryads no longer completely harvest plants. Players can still harvest full plants but should not do so in the vicinity of Dryads (or aliens fond of that biome)
  • The Factory now breaks down complex recipes (if required)

General improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved game boot time
  • Improved performance, stability, audio mixing, and AI
  • Added option for "No VAL voice"
  • Greatly increased the name pool for aliens
  • Added additional visual effects
  • Added ability for players to view videos via the main menu
  • Added additional notifications to tutorial and combat
  • Improved combat (general improvements)
  • Added aliens to Atmosphere Quality overlay
  • Made elevators properly visible when building on other decks


  • Made further improvements to UI
  • Added Alien Visitor Count to Airlock tool-tip and Ratings window
  • Added Fuzzy tier to unit list
  • Added Energy Income and Resource Consumption to Construction menu
  • Added current max category to station rating UI
  • Added rating prognosis to station rating UI
  • Next research level is now shown in the Research menu
  • C.R.A.T.E.s are now ordered via their capacity for matter
  • Employees are now ordered by their promotability
  • The Game ID can now be copied to the clipboard


  • Made further improvements to controls (general)
  • Made further improvement to gamepad controls



  • Tweaked O2 production
  • Tweaked plant growth
  • Tweaked Dryad work force
  • Tweaked trader prices
  • Added and tweaked events
  • Tweaked research options
  • Made a few general changes to balancing
  • Updated biomes
  • Security Station now has an effect when player’s base is breached

Bug fixes

  • Plants in Bio Pots now noticeably improve the atmosphere
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Fixed settings in the Options menu which weren’t saving
  • Fixed issues with uncommon aspect ratios
  • Fixed missing icons
  • Fixed issue with autosave on Victory screen
  • Fixed pause menu so that it blocks all hotkeys to avoid player getting stuck
  • Fixed rare issues with outlines
  • Fixed overlay conflicting with wind animation
  • Fixed a few broken animations
  • Fixed issue when player tried to load a multiplayer game
  • Fixed some saving and loading issues
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed a possible memory leak
  • Fixed several issues with Research Lab
  • Fixed research options
  • Fixed Waiting Room chairs marked as reserved when an alien is being diagnosed
  • Fixed issue where player can’t build non custom VAR rooms
  • Fixed Restart option killing all AI players
  • Fixed Dryads building Bio Stations underwater
  • Fixed how rooms are sorted in Room list
  • Fixed broken victory statistics
  • Fixed size of health bar
  • Fixed Invite button being shown to client
  • Fixed trader prices dropping too low
  • Fixed Motivational Detonator not showing its area of effect
  • Fixed issues when taking over an enemy sector
  • Fixed issues with Mech repair
  • Fixed aliens queueing for deactivated rooms
  • Fixed bulkheads sometimes not opening correctly
  • Fixed player not being able to pick up garbage in new sectors
  • Fixed incorrect tool-tip for Victory Conditions in Skirmish mode
  • Disabled Repair button when a room reaches 100% health
  • Fixed ‘Interested Visitors’ stats not updating in Airlock UI
  • Fixed issues with the ordering of mission objectives
  • Fixed Mech stats not being updated in Security Center
  • Fixed waiting animation not playing
  • Fixed issue where Mechs could get stuck in unreachable areas
  • Fixed issue with Mech in tutorial
  • Fixed issues with invisible C.R.A.T.E.s
  • Fixed occasional camera sticking issue
  • Fixed and tweaked various bits and pieces too small and numerous to mention

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