Spacebase Startopia Beta – October Update

Spacebase Startopia Beta – October Update

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Thank you to all our beta testers for supporting SpacebaseStartopia so far.  

VAL is pleased to announce that the R.F.S. board has implemented a development droid to deliver a comprehensive update for the beta version of Spacebase Startopia, making major changes to controls, UI and the camera as well as an expansion of Skirmish mode. In addition, there is an extensive list of other improvements and fixes. Please find an overview below…  


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We’ve come a long way since the start of the beta, and would like to thank all of you for your ongoing feedback. This update is in response to all the comments and suggestions we received regarding the game’s UI, controls and Skirmish mode – we really hope you enjoy exploring all of the changes and additions.   

Spacebase Startopia is approaching a critical stage of development in our run up to launch. We are getting close to ‘the point of no return’ – the ‘release candidate’. This means that this will be one of the last major updates for the beta version of the game. 
Naturally, we are continuing to work on optimization, balancing and overall improvements alongside other unfinished elements of the game – and there will also be another content update for the beta before launch, so please look forward to that.  

Nevertheless, we still are very keen to receive your feedback, it just means that any larger changes may be implemented post-launch.  
And as always, we can’t wait to hear what you think about our latest update. We hope you have fun testing them and once again wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your support and feedback.  

P.S. We have recently updated the beta survey – so whether you’ve previously submitted feedback or not, we’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it:


Please find the changelog here:  


New features

  • Added all tutorials to beta 
  • Expanded Skirmish mode 
    • new Skirmish options 
    • new victory conditions 
  • Added videos and cutscenes 
  • Completely new, reworked UI 
    • New menu style 
    • Updated Battle UI 
    • New icons & cursor 
  • New scrolling system 
  • New building system 
  • New storable blueprints system 
  • New splash screen/loading screen  
  • New events 
  • New animations (including swimming) 
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Bug fixes 
    • Fixed legacy event issues 
    • Fixed a bug in the behaviour of aliens 
    • Fixed a possible tutorial crash 
    • Fixed a lot of research areas 
    • Fixed Mech movements and Mech elevators 
    • Fixed terraforming rendering problems 
    • Fixed save game/load game in multiplayer mode 
  • Levels and Gameplay 
    • Mission 1: reduced starting amount of Fuzzies 
    • Leviathans stay on job while being attacked 
    • Improved terraforming 
      • New terraforming water placement 
    • Improved tutorials 
    • Changed spawn systems for vermin and Garbage 
    • Visitors now flee from combat 
    • Improved alien disease system 
    • Improved gimmick deconstruction
  • UI 
    • Improved minimap 
    • Implemented new indicators for aliens and station management 
    • Plants have been added to atmosphere overlay
  • Camera & Controls 
    • Extensively improved gamepad controls 
    • New gamepad navigation system 
    • Added orbital camera control 
    • New camera options & controls 
    • Corrected input behaviour 
    • Improved navigation 
    • New control options available 
    • Improved building controls for variable rooms
  • Graphics 
    • Improved room border textures 
    • Improved fun deck textures 
    • New fun deck floor 
    • Improved lighting/shadows
    • Implemented new VFX
  • Other 
    • Changed ceiling heights, Spacebase sectors are now higher 
    • New room decay threshold 
    • Added building system for pre-sets 
    • Added new objects to factory 
    • Added new localization 
    • Added new sounds 
    • Rebalanced audio volume 
    • Fixed memory leak Improved performance 
    • Increased Fuzzy count on start of skirmish maps 
    • Skirmish optimized 
    • Fixed typos and texts 
    • Credits have been added 


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