Railway Empire: Pre-purchase customers now able to stream content freely and test new features

Aside from a variety of bug fixes and improvements, the highlight of the new update is the new pause-function, allowing players to get even more strategic by stopping time and planning out their next move in detail, then resuming play to see their strategies unfold. This new addition is available in three distinct variations, designed to make the Railway Empire experience more forgiving or challenging depending on the player’s preference:
  • Trainiac – players will not be able to use the pause function, but will receive a bonus to their overall rank at the end of each scenario.
  • Normal – the game will automatically pause for certain dialogues in the game, letting players take in all the information without any effect on their ranking.
  • Manual – players can pause at any time to plan out strategies in detail, but will receive a penalty on their final ranking.
To join the Railway Empire closed beta (Windows only), pre-order now here, from the Kalypso Shop or on Steam for instant access, as well as a 15% discount, a custom paint job for the ‘Super Hudson’ locomotive, and a digital soundtrack. The full game is scheduled for release globally on PC and Linux on January 26 via Steam with the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions following shortly afterwards.

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