Immortal Realms – Update 1.02

Immortal Realms – Update 1.02

Vampires and other creatures of the night,  

Update 1.02 for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is now available on Steam. This update applies several bug fixes and improvements, such as the option to choose between DirectX and OpenGL.
A detailed list of these can be found below.  

Thank you for your comprehensive feedback and support thus far.   

Your Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars team 



  • Added the option to choose between DirectX and OpenGL. We recommend using OpenGL with AMD graphic cards if crashes have been observed. 

  • Added localized cinematic subtitles 



  • Fixed multiple crashes 

  • Fixed multiple rare issues which caused restriction in the game progress 

  • Fixed not being able to swap units when both armies are full 

  • Fixed shrine effects not getting displayed on unit cards 

  • Fixed shrine effects staying active after moving the unit away from the shrine 

  • Fixed lord UI not getting updated after replacing an item 

  • Fixed unit models staying upright after getting defeated in battle 

  • Fixed warning “Armies with action points” still being displayed even if no armies have action points left 

  • Fixed player Aspiration pop-up getting displayed for too long 

  • Fixed Aspiration pop-up not being localized in all languages 

  • Fixed “Blight” spell being blocked by shrine effects 

  • Fixed “Corpse Explosion” spell being usable on targets above 33% health 

  • Fixed flickering in game lights 

  • Fixed being able to cast the upgraded “Blood Storm” spell after lord died 

  • Fixed “Shady Deal” card being able to get applied multiple times for the same purchase 

  • Fixed an exploit using the “Forbidden Knowledge” card 

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