El Prez is Back on the Big Screen! Tropico 6 Releases on Consoles

Tropico 6 launches today worldwide on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

Strategy gaming specialists Kalypso Media and Limbic Entertainment have today announced the digital release of Tropico 6 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The retail release will follow on October 8th.
Digitally, Tropico 6 is available on PlayStation®4 in both standard and ‘El Prez’ editions ($59.99 / $64.99), with the latter including an extra decoration for your palace and tourist outfits for El Presidente. On Xbox One, the game is available as a standard edition ($59.99), with those that purchased the game during the Game Preview period also gaining the extra palace decoration and tourist outfits.
At retail, both the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions come with four Tropican postcards, a digital soundtrack and calendar, priced at $59.99.
After a widely successful launch on PC, Kalypso Media and Limbic entertainment have spent a great deal of time working with the community, implementing changes, and rolling out a host of new features which will ensure Tropico 6 to be an even richer experience across all platforms.
On console, the game has been fully optimized for both the Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controller, and includes the ability to play cooperatively or compete, Prez v Prez, against up to three other players. 
One of the most beloved city-building sims, Tropico 6 continues the series’ penchant for dark humor, in-depth mechanics, and buzzing Caribbean soundscapes whilst introducing a host of new features such as a fully customizable Presidential pad and the ability to make life tougher than it needs to be for a whole archipelago!

Watch the Tropico 6 console release trailer on YouTube:

In March 2019, Tropico 6 was released for PC, earning over 6,000 (85%) positive reviews on Steam and over 250 positive press reviews. On 27th September, Tropico 6 will be officially released for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, and will finally make its appearance on the big screen.

Kalypso Media specializes in the development of strategy games for both PC and home consoles. Thanks to Unreal Engine 4 and the hard work of developer Limbic Entertainment, Tropico 6 shines on consoles. The game runs in 30 FPS on first generation PlayStation®4 and Xbox One units. Over on the Xbox One X and PlayStation®Pro, Tropico 6 is able to kick things up a notch and runs at 60 FPS in full HD or 30 FPS in 4K. Controls are optimized for both the Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controllers, allowing for the same fluid Tropico experience players have come to expect.

On consoles, all previous improvements and optimizations from the PC version are carried over – made possible by close co-operation with the community, as well as a lot of finetuning in development.
Tropico 6 on consoles also comes with an array of new content and fixes, including:
  • Four new traits for El Presidente
  • New edicts (e.g. Free Housing)
  • New overlays
  • Special effects of buildings are visualized
  • Revised balancing (e.g. tourism, media building)        
  • Revised pathfinding for Tropicans
  • New variations for parks and squares    
  • New decoration: Space Monument
  • New customization options for El Presidente
  • Colour blind mode
  • More than 300+ bugfixes

Title: Tropico 6
Platform(s): PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Linux, Mac
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Genre: City builder
Release: Out now
Hashtag(s): #Tropico6

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