El Presidente in Your Pocket!

Tropico for iPhone out now alongside updates for iPad version
As owner and CEO of Kalypso Media, the hugely positive feedback from the Tropico community has been truly overwhelming for me, and I can promise you that everyone on Team Tropico will keep working hard all the way to launch and beyond in order to incorporate and realize as many of your requests as possible.
One thing we unfortunately won’t be able to deliver at release on March 29th is a 100% working version for Mac OS.
Tropico 6 ‘El Prez Edition’ pre-order available now with goodies galore
Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment have today released a new update for the Tropico 6 closed beta.
The roadmap also highlights upcoming content planned for the beta, including multiplayer, a random map generator and an additional campaign mission.
El Presidente’s latest adventure pushed back
for extra fine-tuning
The one-and-only PewDiePie will host a presidential Tropico6 beta stream
Book your place in the sun and get instant access to the updated PC beta version
PC version pre-order customers to get exclusive beta access through the Kalypso Shop
El Presidente, beloved leader of Tropico, has today announced that Tropico 6, the next instalment of the critically acclaimed dictator sim, will release worldwide for PC in January 2019, with the console versions planned for a summer 2019 launch.
El Presidente’s tropical paradise looking better than ever in latest gameplay footage
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