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New turn-based strategy IP with card game and empire management coming to PC and consoles
First Tropico 6 console gameplay shown at E3, available to play now on Xbox Game Preview
Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection available now exclusively on the Kalypso Shop
New France DLC Adds New Map, Engines and Tradable Goods

We're in the Endgame Now...

Final Dungeons 3 DLC ups the ante with a powerful (and witty) new foe
Eagerly anticipated multiplayer update arrives as Tropico 6 praised by critics and fans

El Presidente in Your Pocket!

Tropico for iPhone out now alongside updates for iPad version
Dungeons 3 in-game event offers enticing bonus rewards and…a glimpse at the future?
Tropico 6 released globally today for PC
As owner and CEO of Kalypso Media, the hugely positive feedback from the Tropico community has been truly overwhelming for me, and I can promise you that everyone on Team Tropico will keep working hard all the way to launch and beyond in order to incorporate and realize as many of your requests as possible.
One thing we unfortunately won’t be able to deliver at release on March 29th is a 100% working version for Mac OS.
Take flight with Air Conflicts Collection anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch
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