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Wow, 10 years! That’s almost an eternity in the fast-paced world of computer games. In the last decade we have seen many German and International businesses struggle and disappear. However, Kalypso Media has gone from strength to strength, and today is looking better than ever before –

  • Groupmeeting

    Group Meetings: Representatives from all seven subsidiaries in discussion.

  • Gamescom

    Gamescom: Always a great show with thousands of excited gamers eager to play.

  • Gaming Minds Studio

    Gaming Minds Studios: The core dev team of Patrician- and Port Royal fame.

  • Weihnachtsfeier

    X-mas party: When HQ lies in a wine area, a winery is the only venue to go to.

  • Mitarbeiter

    Party: Kalypso’s US and UK personnel enjoying the evening after a long day.

Boasting an annual turnover in the tens of millions and almost 100 employees working across seven offices in the USA, Great Britain and Germany, culminating in a running total of 222 international games released to date. Experts regard Kalypso Media as the gaming industry’s “Shooting Star”, as reported in the world’s largest industry magazine, GamesMarkt.

The Kalypso Media Group has created huge, internationally acclaimed games series such as Tropico, The Patrician, Port Royale, Dungeons and Grand Ages.

Our newest IP:

Urban Empire

Urban Empire, is an exciting mixture of city building simulation and political drama.


We want to continue to be known for our high quality strategy and simulation games, strengthening our console and mobile platform portfolios.

So naturally, driving up the quality of our games is a continuous process. We have been recognised for this over the last two years running, winning the best Publisher award twice at the German Developer Awards.

Founder and Global MD Simon Hellwig says: “We want to build on what we have achieved so far. We are experts in our field and will diligently and measuredly continue to drive our advantage further forwards over the next ten years and beyond.”

“There’s no future in computer games!” That was the parting shots from a bank in Worms, Germany to Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek (no longer with the company), Kalypso Media Group’s founders, when they were sent him packing without a loan in 2006. How wrong they were! But as Simon went on to prove, it was possible achieve success in the games industry under his own efforts and with minimal capital investment.
The first product that this start-up launched was Go Trabi Go! A racing game featuring the famous East German Trabant cars. The game performed well - the review ratings might not have been that high, but Go Trabi Go! found its fans and ended up a financial success.

The release of Tropico 3 in 2009 saw a new era begin for Kalypso. The acquisition of this well-loved games series was a huge coup for the publisher. Tropico, as well as its two main characters El Presidente and Penultimo, have been inextricably linked with Kalypso Media ever since.

Tropico 3 was also responsible for another milestone, when the strategy game was also launched on Xbox 360, becoming Kalypso Media’s first console game. Strategy on a console? Some didn’t think it could be done, but Kalypso used Tropico 3 to prove how well the genre could work!

Last year saw the launch of Kalypso’s newest venture in the form of the Hamburg-based Kalypso Media Mobile, focused exclusively on the mobile games market. At the time of writing, four games have so far been released for both Android and iOS: strategic roguelike RPG Crowntakers, a remastered version of the Amiga classic Wings!, the skill game Jump the Rope and the puzzle game Crazy Maze. Next up will be the mobile version of the strategy game Airline Tycoon, releasing later in 2016.

Dungeons 2 was launched as the follow up to Kalypso’s popular dungeon-management game, and was the first of its kind to allow a player to conquer the overworld as well as establish a subterranean lair. Meanwhile, Grand Ages: Medieval proved its potential during its advance sales period, and Wings! Remastered presented the Amiga classic in full HD glory – much to the delight of the retrogaming community.

Time flies when you’re having fun! 2016 is drawing to a close and for the rest of this year we’re working on three of the largest projects in Kalypso’s history;
hardcore RTS Sudden Strike 4, action RPG Vikings - Wolves of Midgard and
groundbreaking ‘City Ruler’, Urban Empire. We believe these tree titles will set a
new benchmark for us in 2017 and beyond, and from the
reactions we’ve had so far, it looks like we’re on the
right track.

Our ‘digital-first’ label Kasedo Games has also had a
great year, particularly with the recent releases of Project
Highrise and The Metronomicon. Not to be left out,
Kalypso Media Mobile has also enjoyed a successful
launch for free-to-play strategy game Airline Tycoon:
Free Flight, our biggest project for iOS and
Android to-date.

If one image sums up our approach this year, it’s
the one found in the office of Kalypso boss
Simon Hellwig, depicting the image of a runner
sprinting up a hill. The caption reads: "Preparation
is everything." Well, we are certainly preparing well
for 2017 – stay tuned!

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey through Kalypso Media’s most important milestones. Today we are currently working on some of the biggest projects in our company’s history, and are very much looking forward to making some exciting announcements in the near future! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and register for our Newsletter. You can also read our Blog and visit our forum. Here’s to the last 10 years, the next decade, and beyond!